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Basic things to know while doing SEO for website

Search Engine Optimization is the daily practice of attracting large volume of traffic into your website. With this website owner can reach potential customers and can grow their business or goal multifold.Large pool of searches happen in Google or Yahoo, so, many owners and creators designs their SEO strategy for website to maximize their visibility through better position in search engines.

Having said this, the importance of SEO is quite clear. With year-by-year, SEO practices have been changing with advanced technology.

Here are the latest trends of SEO maximization that will be making their rounds in year 2019.

Effective Keywords

Keywords are the critical or most important aspect of any website page. It makes your website identifies with Google bots that what website page is all about. Website page content should included keywords but with proper keyword density. Otherwise, Google could penalize that website for keyword stuffing after Google algorithm updates.

So, keep the every single page with proper keywords based.

Readable and SEO suitable content

It is hackneyed old saying “Content is king”, but it is only King if it go along with SEO queen. If the content is not SEO suitable and readable, the page will hit with high bounce rate and not likely to up his status on search engine results ranking. The search engines like Google also take close note of this aspect and gives better visibility to a page that not just attracts visitors but also holds onto them.

Page Speed for great results

Suppose you have written a great piece of article about any topic. But when someone click on that page and finds too much time to open the particular page, reader or visitor will turn off and go away from page. It will pose higher bounce rate and Google give less preference to that page. Therefore, it is essential to keep page speed higher and effective so great number of visitor will attract towards it.

 Gaze the Image

Images speak in volume than words. It attracts much visitors if the image is highly explicable. It can improve your SEO index. Make you’re your image should have ALT name. ALT name signifies the image is all about. It would be better if we keep the page keyword in the image name.  Image shouldn’t be misleading and copyright infringed.

Video makes brand appealing

To make your website more vibrant and lively, We can also add brand videos in the webpage. It can make your website more appealing and effective and can convince visitor to take some action that you are looking for. Videos with emotional appeal has higher success rate that usual ones. Video

Audio and Voice Search

As technology is getting new shape everyday, likewise new approaches to go abreast with is essential to make a mark in industry.  Voice search query is get increasing now. Most of searchers using voice search than writing a keyword for any query. So it becomes necessary to optimize your website as per the visitors need. Having keywords registered with the voice search of search engine, website SEO index can improve better way.

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