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Five new features in Google Ads keyword Planner

When you next time open up Google Ads Keyword Planner for searching keywords, new announcement will pop up in the screen.

These updated features are the mixture of new and old ones. It is good to see that old version features getting incorporated in new version of keyword planner. Google Keyword planner older version is going away soon.

These are the five features updated in Google Keyword Planner-

Seed Keywords

You can now add upto 10 keywords in “Find New Keywords” option. Through these keywords you can find best keywords for your campaign.

Grouped Ideas

In Group Ideas menu, You can find group keywords for your Ad group. You can sort out relevant keywords and add it in your new Ad groups or campaign or existing ones. Once you select new keywords to add, there is a drop down option “Add to Plan” or “ Add to existing campaign.”

google add new feature in google keyword planner

Suggested Budget

Adding keywords in plan, Google Ads Keyword Planner now provides a suggested daily budget to help make sure campaign budget wont be limited on any day during the forecasted time span. You can find suggested budget on “Total Cost estimate.”

google ads keyword planner features

Competition Column

A new competition column is now available in Keyword Planner. It will show how competitive ad placement is for a keyword. Competition (Index Value) is specific value that specify what location and targeting options you have selected. The index value is range from 0-100 and is calculate by number of Ad slots filled divided by number of Ad slots available. This column won’t be shown if enough data is not available.