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Google has announced this medical ad policy, Read here

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Google has announced a new Healthcare and Medicine policy to prohibit ads for unproven or experimental medical techniques such as stell cell therapy, cellular (non-stem) therapy and gene therapy.

These new ad policies will prohibit selling treatments that have no established biomedical or scientific basis. Google also clarifies that new policy also implemented on those treatments that have basic scientific findings and prelim clinical experience but in present no formal clinical testings that justify clinical use.

Google concerned about customers told that they have seen bad actors who take advantage of individuals by offering untested treatments. And these treatments often lead to dangerous health outcomes.

International Society of Stem Cell Research, President, Deepak Sharma has welcomed the move. And told that it will help curb unscrupulous medical products such as stell cell therapies.

Google also told that there are also good actors doing research in this field, so we will continue to allow ads for research happening in this area for clinical trials and ability to promote their research findings to the public.

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