Google updates Political Ads policy for India

As World’s largest democracy where over 850 million Indians are expected to cast their vote to elect the country’s next government is all set for upcoming  LokSabha elections in 2019. In this election mode, Google has also announced the Political Content policy for Ads.  In the updated policy, those who want to feature Ads in google will have to provide “pre-certificate” issued by ECI ( election commission of India). Advertisers can be a political party, a political candidate or current member of the Lok Sabha.

google political ad policy -digitalmadari

Note that election ads don’t include ads run by non-political entities promoting political merchandise like t-shirts, or ads run by news organizations to promote their coverage of political parties, Lok Sabha election campaigns, candidates, or current Lok Sabha members.

Google will begin enforcing its policy for election ads in India on February 20, 2019. Verification and ad pre-certificate forms will be available starting on February 14, 2019.

  • Google requires that all election ads in India and the United States show a disclosure that identifies who paid for the ad.  For most ad formats, Google will automatically generate a “Paid for by“ disclosure, using the information provided during the verification process.
  • Google would also introduce an India-specific “Political Advertising Transparency” report and searchable “Political Ads Library” in March.

Second to Announce Ad Transparency

Google became the second tech giant after Facebook in December announced fresh steps to increase ad transparency and defend against foreign interference ahead of the 2019 polls.

Now anyone who wants to run an ad in India related to politics will need to first confirm their identity and location, and give more details about who placed the ad, the social networking giant said. Facebook would also start to show a disclaimer on all political ads that provides more information about who’s placing the ad, and an online searchable Ad Library for anyone to access.

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