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Seasonality adjustments now in Search & Display Google Ads

The seasonality adjustments in bidding are now available in search and display ads on google. It is not available in Shopping, Apps and Video campaigns yet. It is expected to come to this year for Shopping campaigns as well.

Benefits of use Seasonal Adjustments

Smart bidding strategies like Target CPA and Target ROAS have already taken a broad level of seasonality changes into consideration. It uses machine learning to automatically set bids at auction time to help improve best results and give good performance in google ad campaigns.

However, machine learning doesn’t respond quickly to the holiday or festival season bumps – in this case of conversion rates. With seasoned adjustment features, advertiser can inform google about expected changes in conversion rates in a specific promotional period (like during sales, product launch or specific promotion).

With seasonality adjustments, you can now control these rare situations. Suppose, you are planning to launch the ‘Sale Salsa’ for the weekend. In records, you have seen that whenever you run these kinds of sales weekend, your conversion rates increase 80%

Now, you can apply a predicted conversion rate adjustment and smart bidding in the selected date range while trying to hit your target CPA.

Conversion rate adjustment UI

You can learn how to apply a seasonality adjustment in the Google Ads Help Center.

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